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Irrigation & Agriculture

We have many years of experience selling, supporting and installing irrigation monitoring and control systems. Let us help you select the correct equipment needed to measure and monitor your system. We are low power and remote data experts. Contact us for a no obligation consultation.

ramp flumeFlumes and Weirs are primary device structures that are installed in the bottom of a ditch or channel, forcing the water to run through or over it. We offer many styles of flumes and weirs and can provide the needed sensors and monitoring equipment to create a flow recording system.  We also offer remote data display and collection systems.  These systems offer real-time views of the flows in your irrigation network.  You can see water data on a PC, Smartphone or tablet.  These systems can also send you email or text reports based on flows or water levels.

We also have Area Velocity Meters (AVFM) with sensors that can be installed in the bottom of a ditch, channel or pipe (culvert). These open channel velocity flow sensors measure both the velocity and depth of the water, which gives the ability to calculate flow (discharge). These sensors or systems are generally simple to install, and offer a much quicker way to begin collecting data than the usual flume or weir.

Cutthroat flume

Flumes & Weirs

A variety of flumes (ramp, cutthroat, Parshall, etc.), and weirs, as well as sensors, stilling wells, and monitoring systems.

Greyline Area Velocity Flow Meter

Open Channel Flow Sensors

Flow probes and area velocity meters. In some applications these can be used to measure flow rate in place of a flume or weir.

We can install fully automated irrigation monitoring and control systems. These are known as SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems. When integrated into an irrigation network, a SCADA system can allow you to remotely monitor live data from flumes, manually or automatically adjust head gates and flow rates, monitor pond levels, and more. SCADA systems can save you hours of driving to remote sites to adjust gates or collect data.

SCADA systems vary widely in size and complexity, but they consist of at least one or more sensors, a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), and something to control, such as a pump, gate, or valve. Many systems also incorporate remote communications and internet-enabled control and monitoring software. Visit the links below, or call us at (435) 755-0774 to learn more.

SCADA system

SCADA Systems

Overview of SCADA systems, their applications, components, software, and communications capabilities.



Campbell Scientific PLCs and Dataloggers used for SCADA and other systems.


SCADA Software

Software for remote data acquisition and SCADA systems. RTMC Pro allows for remote communication, control, and visual monitoring of Campbell dataloggers.

We offer soil monitoring systems to measure soil moisture, temperature and salinity. In many cases, proper monitoring can reduce water usage 30-50% while simultaneously increasing yields.

soil moisture graphsoil moisture drill and drop probe

sentek soil moisture

Sentek Soil Probes

Robust and flexible sensor packages for measuring soil moisture, temperature, and salinity. Both continuous monitoring and portable options are available.


Soil Moisture and Evapotranspiration

Sensors and for measuring soil moisture and multiple depths, also weather stations to monitor evapotranspiration.

Soil Temperature

Soil Temperature

Integrated and stand-alone sensors for monitoring soil temperature.

Our sensors can measure a wide variety of water quality parameters, including turbidity, conductivity, pH, dissolved oxygen, chlorophyll, and more. We also have automated water samplers, which allow the water to be analyzed more thoroughly later. Water samplers can be triggered based on measured water conditions, or on a timer.

All of these systems can be customized to meet your needs.

Multiparameter Water Quality Sensors

OTT Hydrolab Multi-Parameter

Sensors for measuring temperature, depth, conductivity, salinity, conductance, pH, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, chloride, dissolved gas, and more.

OBS turbidity sensors

OBS Turbidity Sensors

Turbidity Sensors measure suspended solids in water and water clarity.

Portable Automated Water Sampler

Portable Automated Water Samplers

Automatic water samplers for storm water, waste water, or other water quality applications.