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Data Display, Publishing, & Control Software

There are many software packages available that will display real-time data and allow you to control your system(s) from a computer. We have a few packages we recommend that cover most project needs. Each of the packages have their benefits and weaknesses, and which one you select will depend on what your needs are.

These same software packages can also publish data to a private or public website for live data monitoring.

Contact us for a no obligation consultation. We can also schedule to come to your office to show you the software and discuss your project requirements.

RTMC Pro – Campbell Scientific, Inc.

PC200wRTMC Pro (Real-Time Monitoring and Control) software is used to create and run graphical screens that provide real-time monitor and control capabilities. This separately-purchased product is an enhanced version of the RTMC client included with LoggerNet and RTDAQ. RTMC Pro contains more of the graphical components found in RTMC. For example, more alarms, switches, graphs, gauges, and layout components are available.

RTMC Pro can be used as an HMI (Human Machine Interface) software in SCADA applications that use the Campbell Scientific dataloggers as RTU or PLC controllers. Combine it with the LoggerNet Database software to create a data backup and data display package. With the Campbell Scientific dataloggers this software can be interfaced to a Modbus or DNP3 SCADA ssytem.

RTMC Pro also makes it possible to post images to a Web site and send emails or texts based upon alarms.

Example Website – Beaver Mountain Ski Resort (only updates in winter)

RTMC Pro Brochure

Vista Data Vision – Data Monitoring and Web Publishing Software

vista data visionIf you collect data using dataloggers, then you can use the VDV database application for Data Management, Visualization, Analyzing, Alarming, Reporting and Web Access.

VDV has built-in web service for all its operations, including comprehensive access control, alarm handling with automatic sending of alarm messages and acknowledge via web interface, overview of alarms on web page, manual input of data, input of maintenance information via web interface, and much more. You may run all of your complex Data Monitoring operations and Real-Time service on VDV.

vista data vision

VDV Brochure
VDV Demo Site

VTScada by Trihedral – Monitoring & Control Software

Designed for the water & wastewater industry, VTScada© is a software tools layer that adds powerful remote asset management features to VTS telemetry applications.

Industry-specific reports, auto-generated graphic displays and automatic historical data logging provide a platform for quick application development without compromising on features.

Applications range from stand-alone workstation applications to unified, county-wide systems tying plants and SCADA centrals together.

We are an authorized Trihederal Systems Integrator.

Out-of-the-box Features

vtscada hmi softwareVTS eliminates the expense of buying, integrating and maintaining third-party components.

  • Advanced Polling Management – Replaces expensive master PLC devices to poll remote sites. Groups and schedules polling cycles for increased efficiency.
  • Full Redundancy – Easily configure automatic fail over to back up SCADA servers, Internet servers and I/O communication links.
  • Historical Data Viewer – Generate graphs or tables of historical data that you can annotate or export.
    Alarms – Sort or filter current, unacknowledged and historical alarms. (Also see optional alarm dialer below.)
    Rich Graphic Capabilities – Photorealistic meters, animations, grouping, color and transparency adjustment and over 3,500 images.
  • Display Creation Tools – ‘drag & drop’ toolset and object-oriented scripting language allow simple display creation and limitless customization.
  • Auto-generated SCADA Displays – VTScada creates a display (with I/O and alarms) for each RTU.
    Security – Privilege-based user accounts control access to workstations, Internet clients, WAP clients and alarm dialer.
    Report Generator – Output ad-hoc or scheduled reports to screen, printer, file, database or email, Excel or Excel templates.
  • Water/Wastewater Reports – e.g. daily total and derived flow, pump runtime discrepancy, communication error summaries.
  • Open Architecture – Library of device drivers allows communication with most brands of PLC and RTU (e.g. S7 Ethernet & DNP3)
  • High-Efficiency Tag Development – special analog and digital tag types feature built-in alarms, logging and reports.

Using the Trihedral VTScada software or Visual Tag Systems HMI software we can help you to create a complete monitoring and control system. This software is compatible with nearly any SCADA, PLC or RTU hardware available. We can integrate this software with Campbell Scientific datalogger systems and create a robust SCADA system.

This software is not limited to SCADA or control systems; it can be used to display weather data, irrigation system status and data, as well as any other type of data collected by a Campbell Scientific datalogger/controller.

Online Demo

One of the powerful features of VTScada is the internet client capability. It is a fairly simple process to have your SCADA control system available over the Internet with full security protection. Click below to view some example sites.

VTScada Demo Site