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Full Pipe Flow Meters

To measure flow in a pressurized water system requires the use of full-pipe flow meters. We offer mag-meters, transit-time meters and similar types of full pipe flow meters. We also have relationships with suppliers of nearly any type of in-pipe sensor. We can help you to integrate a custom SCADA type system that measures, records, and if desired, controls the flow of water. We sell, affordable and rugged PLC’s and remote data systems, please contact us for more information.

We offer three main types of pressurized flow meter: Magnetic meters, Doppler meters, and Transit Time flow meters. All of these meters operate without moving parts, or parts that are in contact with the water. Doppler and Transit Time meters can also be used to measure the flow of oil or other liquids.


seametrics mag-meterseametrics mag-meterWater is electrically conductive, so when it passes through a magnetic field (provided by the mag-meter), it induces a small electrical current. This current is measured by the mag-meter, which then calculates the amount of flow through the pipe.

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Doppler Flow Meters

greyline doppler flow meterDoppler flow meters transmit a high-frequency sound that travels through the pipe wall and into the flowing liquid. When the sound encounters bubbles or solids in the liquid, it is reflected back at an altered frequency. Doppler flow meters work best in dirty or aerated liquids. Portable models are available.

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Transit Time Meters

greyline transit time flow meterTransit time meters use two transducers that attach to the outside of the pipe—one upstream and one downstream. These operate by comparing the speed of sound through the liquid in both the upstream and downstream directions. The faster the liquid is flowing, the greater the difference in time, but if the liquid is not flowing, then the speed of sound will be the same in both directions. Because bubbles and solids can reflect the sound, transit time meters work best in clean fluids, such as potable water, coolant, or hydraulic oil. Portable models are available.

greyline portable transit time flow meter

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We specialize in helping pressurized irrigation users to install meters to assist operators and regulators with monitoring the water usage in their system. We can add radio or cellular modems to allow you to view in real-time the operation of your water system.