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Precipitation Monitoring

Precipitation monitoring includes rain and snow. The most common form of precipitation monitoring is measuring and recording rainfall, but in many locations researchers and resource managers also need data concerning snow precipitation or the water content of snow fall. There are also applications where you may want to know the weight or amount of snow for safety purposes.

It is very common to collect other meteorological data along with precipitation. We offer complete weather stations that are fully customizable to your requirements.

Sensors that monitor rain or precipitation:

rain gaugeThe tipping bucket type gauge is by far the most common type of rain or precipitation gauge. A heater is often added to make it possible to record snow fall precipitation (optional). Many groups also use rain monitoring devices to create warning systems for flood prone areas, often called ALERT systems.

By combining these types of sensors with a datalogger you can create systems that record precipitation data that is used for a variety of reasons. We offer quite a few options in dataloggers and can help you to choose the sensor and logger to best fit your needs.

Onset HOBO Rain Gauge – RG3 and RG3-M


The HOBO RG3 data logging rain gauge is a self-contained rainfall logger that includes an integrated data logger with high-quality tipping-bucket rain gauge. The rain gauge is a battery powered recording system which includes an integrated HOBO Pendant Event Data Logger. The Pendant Event Data Logger also has a built-in temperature sensor, which can be housed in an optional radiation shield for recording air temperature.


  • Aluminum housing and 15.4 cm (6.06 in) collector ring
  • Proven field design
  • Logger can be moved into an optional radiation shield for logging air temperature
  • Three mounting feet to use on flat, level surfaces (three screws included)
  • Side bracket for mast mounting (hose clamps included)
  • Self-emptying for continuous rainfall logging
  • English and Metric versions available
 surface_mounting_of _rg3


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RG3 Specifications
RG3 Brochure
Hobo Pendant Event Data Logger

Precipitation Intensity & Type

Lufft precipitation intensity monitorModel R2S-UMB by Lufft

The drop speed is captured with a 24-GHz-Doppler radar.

The precipitation quantity and intensity is calculated from the correlation between drop size and speed. The type of precipitation (rain, snow, sleet, freezing rain, hail) is detected from the difference in drop speed.

R2S-UMB Brochure