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Weather Stations & Climate Monitoring

We offer many types of weather stations and climate monitoring systems. Our custom weather stations offer a wide selection of sensors and data transfer peripherals. These can be equipped for use on farms, ski resorts, harbors, and any other location. We can provide every component you need, including aluminum towers, tripods, batteries, solar panels, charging regulators, radios, instrument enclosures, and anything else needed to create your monitoring system.

We also have a variety of all-in-one weather stations, which are compact and easy to install.

Throughout the years we have come to rely upon a few systems that we recommend to our customers. We have over 23 years of experience selling, supporting and installing weather monitoring systems and sensors. We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss your monitoring needs. Contact us at your convenience.

Common Weather Sensors

  • Wind Speed & Direction
  • Air Temperature
  • Relative Humidity
  • Solar Radiation (and hours of sunlight)
  • Precipitation (rain or snow)
  • Barometric Pressure
  • Soil Moisture
  • Soil Temperature
  • Leaf Wetness
  • Net Solar Radiation
  • Air Quality

Custom Weather Stations

Campbell Scientific weather stations are professional-grade and can be customized in any way to meet your needs. Almost any type of sensor (including 3rd-party sensors) can be attached to the station. (Non-weather sensors, including sensors used for water monitoring, hydrology, agriculture, and energy monitoring, can also be integrated into the weather station.) The data can then be transmitted via the internet, over radio, or retrieved manually in person. They are also durable enough to operate for 20 years or more with light maintenance.

GRWS100 weather station

Campbell Weather Stations

Our most versatile, durable, and professional weather stations. We can configure them to host almost any type of sensor—even non-weather sensors.

Onset (HOBO) weather stations are research-grade, and are also very customizable. Onset sells a wide variety of sensors that can be used in weather and agricultural monitoring, and 3rd-party sensors can often be integrated. Onset weather stations use plug-and-play Smart Sensors, allowing for easy setup and maintenance while in the field. Internet-based data retrieval systems are also available, including cellular and Wi-Fi.

We can help you configure your system, and we can also provide full setup and installation services.


Onset Weather Stations

Reasearch grade configurable weather stations with easy to use plug-and-play Smart Sensors.

All-in-One weather stations are often used for their compact size, price, or ease-of-installation. They are often ideal for private and industrial use, and for short-term monitoring projects. We have a variety of all-in-one weather stations to fit most needs, but in most cases they cannot be reconfigured.

We also carry a selection of hand-held weather sensors to measure wind speed, temperature, barometric pressure, and more. They are an extremely cost-effective solution for measuring current weather conditions.


All-in-One Weather Stations

Lower-cost, mid-grade systems recommended for smaller budgets, or for short-term studies and deployments up to 5 to 10 years (depending on the model).

Remote Automatic Weather Stations (RAWS) used in the Fire Weather monitoring industry. We offer both portable and permanent RAWS stations. We can also install the stations and provide training and annual maintenance.

RAWS portable weather station

RAWS Fire Weather Stations

Stationary and portable RAWS-compliant weather stations with radio telemetry.

Calculators and Unit Converters

Unit conversions and calculators commonly used in meteorology and hydrology applications.

unit converters

Unit Converters

Unit converters for temperature, distance, volume, flow rate, pressure, speed, and solar radiation.

climate calculators


Calculators for weather and water applications, including dew point, wet bulb, altitude-pressure, and more.