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Sensors for Custom Weather Stations

There is an extremely wide range of sensors available for weather monitoring. These are a few of our most popular sensors for weather stations equipped with a Campbell Scientific datalogger. Please contact us at (435) 755-0774 or for more information or ordering.

Temperature & Relative Humidity

HC2S3 temperature and humidity sensorHC2S3

The HC2S3, manufactured by Rotronic, is a rugged, accurate temperature and humidity probe that is ideal for long-term, unattended applications. The probe uses an advanced capacitive sensor to measure relative humidity. The probe includes a filter to protect the sensor from dust and particles, for superior performance and reliability. It is compatible with all Campbell Scientific dataloggers.

IMPORTANT: Temperature sensors must be housed in a radiation shield, such as the RAD10 or RAD06.

RAD10 solar radiation shield

Similar Sensors


High accuracy temperature & RH sensor with very wide operating range (-80°C to 60°C or -112°F to 140°F).


Low-cost, compact, Swiss-made temperature & RH sensor.


Aluminum low-power temperature & RH sensor with digital (SDI-12) output.


Basic, high-accuracy temperature-only sensor.

Wind Speed & Direction

Campbell Scientific 05103 Wind Monitor05103 Wind Monitor

The 05103 Wind Monitor is a light-weight, sturdy instrument for measuring wind speed and direction in harsh environments. Its simplicity and corrosion-resistant construction make it ideal for a wide range of wind measuring applications.

Similar Sensors


Heavy Duty Wind Monitor. Rugged enough for harsh environments, resists corrosion from sea-air and atmospheric pollutants.


Heavy Duty Wind Monitor Alpine version for harsh environments and ice resistance.


Air Quality version with greater sensitivity than other models.



Wind Sentry Set. Cup anemometer with separate wind-vane.


Sonic anemometer with digital readout. Low maintenance with no moving parts, and capable of detecting wind speed as low as 0.01 m/s.

Barometric Pressure

CS100 barometric pressure sensorCS100

The CS100 measures barometric pressure for the range of 600 to 1100 mb. This range equates to from below sea level (as in a mine) up to 12,000 feet above sea level. Designed for use in environmental applications, the CS100 is compatible with all Campbell Scientific dataloggers.

This sensor is designed to be mounted in Campbell Scientific enclosures.

Similar Sensors


Comparable alternative to the Setra CS100, but manufactured by Vaisala.


TE525WS rain gageTE525WS 8 in. Rain Gage

The TE525WS, manufactured by Texas Electronics, is a tipping-bucket rain gage that conforms to the National Weather Service recommendation for an 8 in. funnel orifice. It measures rainfall in 0.01 in. increments (metric version also available). This tipping bucket is compatible with all Campbell Scientific dataloggers, and it is widely used in environmental monitoring applications.

With a CS705 Snowfall Conversion Adapter, this rain gage can also measure the water content of snow.

te525A Wind Screen is also available to minimize the affect of wind on rain measurements.

Other models, including the TE525 6 in. rain gage, are also available.

Similar Sensors


Rain gage for heavy precipitation up to 27.6 in/hr.


Snowfall Adapter for Rain Gages. (Uses antifreeze to melt snow without electricity.)


Electrically heated rain gage for measuring rain, snow, and other frozen precipitation.


Powerful all-in-one sensor for measuring snow depth and total water content in an area.

Solar Radiation

Apogee CS300 solar radiation monitorCS300

The CS300, manufactured by Apogee Instruments, measures total sun and sky solar radiation for solar, agricultural, meteorological, and hydrological applications. Its spectral range of 360 to 1120 nanometers encompasses most of the shortwave radiation that reaches Earth’s surface. This pyranometer can be measured by all Campbell Scientific dataloggers.

Similar Sensors


Solar radiation sensor calibrated for radiation between 400 and 1100 nm. (A 400 to 700 nm model is available for agricultural applications.)


Solar radiation sensor calibrated to 300 to 2800 nm with a Second Class ISO classification. Ideal for a wide variety of applications.


High performance 285 to 2800 nm solar radiation sensor with a First Class ISO Classification. A heater /ventilator is available to keep the dome free from ice and dew.


Pyranometer and Pyrgeometer net radiation sensor, sensitive to 305 to 2800 nm and 4500 to 50,000 nm. Includes a built-in heater for removing dew and ice.