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Onset (HOBO) Weather Stations

HOBO RX3000 Weather Station

The HOBO®RX3000 weather station combines greater measurement flexibility with an on-board LCD display in an easy-to-deploy package. This weather station is Research Grade.

  • Alarm notifications via text or email
  • Cloud-based data access
  • Data easily shared through the internet
  • Flexible support for a broad range of sensors
  • Plug & Play operation
  • Rugged double-weatherproof enclosure
RX3000 weather station Onset HOBO

RX3000 Module HOBO Onset

Analogue or relay modules




Plug and play Smart Sensors


On-board LCD display helps you confirm system operation, sensor connections, cellular signal, strength and other parameters before leaving the deployment site.

The HOBO RX3000 Weather station transmits data to HOBOlink. This cloud-based software platform makes it easy to access current and historical weather data. You can also manage and control the RX3000 weather station remotely and set alarm notifications along with scheduling automatic delivery of data files. Experience instant access to your environmental data anywhere, anytime via the internet.

Available Sensors:

  • Temperature
  • Relative Humidity
  • Wind Speed and Direction
  • Barometric Pressure
  • Solar Radiation
  • Rainfall
  • Leaf Wetness
  • Photosynthetic Light
  • And more…

Models available:

  • RX3001-00-01 Ethernet Remote Monitoring Station
  • RX3002-00-01 WiFi Remote Monitoring Station
  • RX3003-00-01 3G Remote Monitoring Station


  • RX3003-SYS-KIT-806 Cellular Weather Station Global Limited Plan – 4 hour uploads
  • RX3003-SYS-KIT-808 Cellular Weather Station Global Max-Connect Plan – 10 minute uploads
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