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Sensors & Components for Weather Stations

This page is for components for Campbell Scientific weather stations. If you are looking for complete weather stations, click here. If you are looking for information about Onset weather stations, click here.

Sensors & Dataloggers

At its core, a weather station consists of sensors and a datalogger. We have sensors for almost any weather parameter, including temperature, relative humidity, precipitation, barometric pressure, wind speed, cloud height, and more. Although we have more options than those listed here, this should get you started. Our dataloggers can then collect data from almost any sensor and relay it over radio or internet.

05103 wind monitor


Sensors for Campbell Scientific weather stations.

Datalogger System

Dataloggers & Telemetry

Hardware for recording sensor data and transmitting it.

Tripods, Mounts, and Power Supplies

Mounting and power accessories for assembling a weather station.

weather station tripod

Tripods & Towers

Steel and aluminum towers and tripods for mounting weather stations, from 6 feet to 30 feet in height.

solar panel

Power Supplies

Solar panels, solar chargers, and batteries for long-term weather station power.