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Soil Moisture

hydrosense soil moisture sensorsoil sensor

Soil Water Content Measurements

Soil moisture sensors also provide water management information. They can be added to weather/evapotranspiration stations or used independently. Both Campbell Scientific and Onset offer a wide variety of options for measuring soil moisture. Also see Sentek Technologies’ offering for complete soil monitoring systems.

hydrosenseFor portable water content measurements, the hand-held HydroSense® II probe and display can be easily carried from site to site. The new HS2 handheld has been designed to be compact and portable, with the layout of the buttons allowing for operation with one hand. It shows real time soil-water content measurements in the field. Low power requirements allow thousands of measurements powered only by 4 AA batteries.

Evapotranspiration stations help provide an accurate method of estimating crop water needs to eliminate under- and over-watering, which saves money and improves crop quality. These automated stations calculate ETo using the Penman-Monteith equation. The output provides daily estimates of water needs. A low-cost, preconfigured station can calculate ETo from a reduced set of sensors.

ET107 weather station

Weather Stations

Custom-configured Campbell or Onset weather stations, compatible with a host of soil moisture and temperature sensors.

Sentek Technologies offers a suite of soil monitoring probes that measure soil moisture, temperature, and salinity at multiple depths concurrently. The data can be collected manually, or broadcast over radio or internet to your computer.

sentek enviroscan

Sentek Soil Probes

Robust and flexible sensor packages for measuring soil moisture, temperature, and salinity. Both continuous monitoring and portable options are available.