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Sentek Soil Moisture Sensors

Sentek provides soil moisture sensors and solutions for precision measurement and management of soil water and salinity dynamics. Used in a diverse range of applications, Sentek products have gained international credibility, through published peer review, among research agencies and commercial enterprises. We offer two of the Sentek soil monitoring solutions.  Check out the Diviner 2000 and the Drill & Drop measuring sensors shown below.

Diviner 2000 – Portable Soil Moisture Monitor

The Diviner 2000 measures soil water at multiple depths (10 cm intervals). Diviner 2000 system consists of a probe and hand-held data logging display unit, allowing the user to make onsite management decisions at up to 99 sites.

The diviner 2000 probe is available in 3 lengths—0.7 meter, 1 meter, and 1.6 meter—making it ideal for a wide range of applications. The patented “Swipe and Go” technology means that Diviner 2000 does not need to be held at each individual depth in the soil profile. To take a reading the encapsulated capacitance sensor is simply swiped in and out of the access tube, measuring up to 16 depths in just a few seconds.

Diviner 2000 Probe
  • Portable
  • Light weight
  • Automatic depth sensing (up to 16 depths)
  • Inbuilt probe orientation to increase sensor repeatability
  • Quick, accurate and precise
Diviner 2000 Display Unit
  • Stores data from up to 99 sites
  • Data viewed on the large backlit LCD display screen
  • Graphical and tabular display of data allows for instant management decisions
  • Data readily downloadable into Sentek’s IrriMAX software
Access Tube

Like the continuous monitoring probes, the Diviner 2000 is inserted into a customized access tube that is permanently installed in the ground. Advantages of this include:

  • Increased sensor accuracy, through precise wall thickness and diameter of access tube
  • Diviner 2000 sensor has no direct contact with the soil
  • Minimized soil and root disturbance
  • Tubes compatible with EnviroSCAN probes for future upgrade or interchange ability with continuous monitoring

Drill & Drop Soil Moisture & Salinity Sensors

The Drill & Drop sensor is a fully encapsulated soil measurement probe. Due to the ease of install and protected electronics, the Drill & Drop is ideally suited to situations where a monitoring probe may need to be moved between sites in short-term and annual crops. Having the electronics completely encapsulated and able to be completely buried also makes the probe suited to long-term installations.

The direct installation method means that the probe is measuring ‘real’ representative soil conditions immediately after install, because the surrounding soil has not been disturbed.

Features include:

  • Four probe length options – 12″ (SDI-12 only), 24”, 36″ and 48”
  • Option to measure soil moisture + temperature or soil moisture + temperature + salinity at 4″ intervals
  • Quick and easy undisturbed installation due to tapered shape
  • Measures the true soil profile, not slurry
  • Stable potting material
  • Able to be buried to any depth
  • Sentek-proven quality soil moisture and salinity measurements
  • Sentek-designed and owned integrated chip technology
  • Soil temperature resolution 0.3%
  • Pre-normalised sensors with in-built default calibration equation
Sentek drill and drop soil sensor