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System Installation & Programming

Intermountain Environmental, Inc. can install your individual station or a complete network of stations. We have the experience and know how to get your project completed and collecting data. IEI can install weather stations, water monitoring stations, flood warning systems, RAWS stations, lightning warning and detection, irrigation control systems and municipal water control systems. Our systems can monitor and record data from nearly any event or parameter. We can create a custom system for you and install it complete with training for your users. We also provide programming services for the Campbell Scientific dataloggers and systems. Sometimes the programming is the hurdle that keeps people from implementing a monitoring or control system, we can do the programming for you.

Calibration & Maintenance

There are many manufacturers that provide calibration services for their sensors or systems. We can help you to schedule and complete maintenance for all of your sensors and systems. Contact us and we can arrange for the calibration to be performed at our shop or the manufacturer’s. Some sensors can have calibration or maintenance done in the field. We can provide annual maintenance services to complete that calibration.

Technical Support

Intermountain Environmental, Inc. provides support for all of the products that we sell. We offer free basic support through telephone or email and may be able to solve your problem through a simple conversation, or by viewing pictures or data via email. If your problem requires more advanced support we can have you ship your equipment to us for evaluation, or you can request a visit to your location to provide repair or maintenance. Contact us for a quote. We are authorized Campbell Scientific support and service representatives and have many years experience installing and servicing their systems.