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Flow Monitoring & Control

We offer systems and sensors to monitor and record water flow through open channels and pipes. We can help you to design a complete monitoring and control system, or simply sell you the parts and sensors that you require. We have been working in the flow monitoring business for many years and have the experience and knowledge to help you find the meters, devices and systems to meet your project needs.

ramp flumeWe define open channel flow as any flow through a ditch or conduit that is not pressurized. This is important because the sensors and meters are different for a pressurized system as opposed to a non-pressurized system.

Flumes and Weirs are simple structures that are installed in the bottom of the channel, forcing the water to run through or over it. We offer many styles of flumes and weirs and can provide the needed sensors to create a flow recording system.

We also have Area Velocity Meters with sensors that can be installed in the bottom of a ditch, channel or conduit. These Area Velocity Meters measure both the depth and velocity of the water, which gives it the ability to calculate flow (discharge). These sensors or systems are very simple to install, but tend to be a little more expensive than small flumes and weirs.

Cutthroat flume

Flumes & Weirs

A variety of flumes (ramp, cutthroat, Parshall, etc.), and weirs, as well as sensors, stilling wells, and monitoring systems.

Greyline Area Velocity Flow Meter

Open Channel Flow Sensors

Flow probes and area velocity meters. In some applications these can be used to measure flow rate in place of a flume or weir.

float method

DIY Measure Flow

Learn how to estimate flow rate through a channel or river without specialized tools or equipment by using the Float Method.

We can supply many types of flow meters. We recommend the mag meter style of meter for in pipe flow or a transit time meter that straps onto the outside of your pipe to monitor the flow. Both of these types of meters have no moving parts and are therefore easy to install and maintain.

RAWS portable weather station

Pressurized Flow Sensors

Magmeters and Doppler flow meters for measuring flow rate in closed pipelines. These have no moving parts and are easy to install and maintain.