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How-To Videos

Ramp Flume Assembly

See how to assemble a Nuway EZ Flow Ramp Flume, our most popular and cost-effective flume.

Visit the Flumes Page

Global Water Flow Probe

See how to use the FP111 Global Water Flow Probe to measure flow rate in a channel. Unlike a flume or other solutions, the Flow Probe is portable and can be used to measure and spot-check flow in almost any channel.

We have also created a video showing the use of the “Float Method” for measuring flows without a flow probe.

Using Campbell Scientific Dataloggers

Connecting to and the Initial Setup of a Campbell Scientific Datalogger

How to connect to the datalogger, configure the sensors, and send the program to the datalogger.

See Campbell Software, including PC200W and PC400 here.

Retrieving and Viewing Data from a Datalogger

How to download and save data from a datalogger, graph it, and how to use the live monitoring tool.