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An assortment of free tools and resources for your convenience. (More will be coming to this section soon.)

How-To Videos

How-to videos, instructional videos, and various other aids for monitoring water and weather.

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How-To Videos

See how to assemble a flume, use a Flow Probe, or use a Campbell Scientific Datalogger.

A fairly simple method for measuring flow rate through an open channel is the Float Method. Although not as accurate as a measuring device such as a flume or a flow probe, the float method can provide an educated estimate. Watch our how-to video, use our online calculator, or download the worksheet to get started.

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Float Method

How to estimate flow in a channel without specialized instruments.

Calculators and Unit Converters

Unit conversions and calculators commonly used in meteorology and hydrology applications.

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Unit Converters

Unit converters for temperature, distance, volume, flow rate, pressure, speed, and solar radiation.



Calculators for weather and water applications, including dew point, wet bulb, altitude-pressure, and more.