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Weather Stations and Climate Monitoring

Weather Monitoring & Meteorology

We have over 23 years of experience selling, supporting and installing weather monitoring systems and sensors. We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss your monitoring needs, contact us at your convenience.

We offer many types of weather stations and climate monitoring systems. Custom weather stations offer a wider selection of sensors and data transfer peripherals, and they are generally more durable and can be maintained more easily than all-in-one stations. We can provide every component that you need, including towers, tripods, batteries, solar panels, charging regulators, radios, and instrument enclosures, and we provide full installation services. Weather stations can also be configured to stream weather data live over the internet.

All-in-one weather stations are generally a little more compact, more affordable, and easier to install than custom weather stations.

GRWS100 weather station

Campbell Weather Stations

Our most versatile, durable, and professional weather stations. We can configure them to host almost any type of sensor—even non-weather sensors.


Onset Weather Stations

Research grade configurable weather stations with easy to use plug-and-play Smart Sensors.


All-in-One Weather Stations

Lower-cost, mid-grade systems recommended for smaller budgets, or for short-term studies and deployments up to 5 to 10 years (depending on the model).

We also sell stationary and portable RAWS-compliant Fire Weather Stations.

Almost any meteorological sensor can be measured by our Campbell Scientific dataloggers, allowing stations to be customized for each site. Typical sensors used on our stations include, but are not limited to:

  • Wind speed and direction
  • Solar radiation
  • Temperature (air, water, soil)
  • Relative humidity
  • Precipitation
  • Snow depth
  • Barometric pressure
  • Soil moisture

In some locations, hydrological sensors provide additional measurements, such as water level of a nearby stream, canal or reservoir.

05103 wind monitor


A sample selection of sensors for Campbell Scientific weather stations, and their variants.

Datalogger System

Dataloggers & Telemetry

Hardware for recording sensor data and transmitting it.

We can also supply tripods, towers, mounts, solar panels, solar chargers and charging regulators, batteries, and anything else you may need to assemble a weather station.

weather station tripod

Tripods & Towers

Steel and aluminum towers and tripods for mounting weather stations, from 6 feet to 30 feet in height.

solar panel

Power Supplies

Solar panels, solar chargers, and batteries for long-term weather station power.

We have a selection of stand-alone temperature, humidity, and precipitation sensors. Because the sensor and logger are combined into one unit, these sensors are very easy to install and use, but do not compromise on accuracy or durability.

We also have many more logging weather sensors that are available in our webstore.

Learn more about Onset (HOBO) data loggers here.

HOBO U23 Pro v2 temp/RH data logger

Temperature and Humidity Loggers

Outdoor and underwater temperature and humidity data loggers.

HOBO precipitation data logger

Precipitation Loggers

Onset RG3 rainfall data logger with temperature sensor. Also, a few other options for measuring various types of precipitation.

Special Applications

Snow Making


Systems for monitoring snow depth and water content, snow-making conditions, and avalanche warning.

flood warning system

Warning Systems

Flood warning (ALERT or ALERT Hybrid), and many other environmental warning systems.

RAWS portable weather station

RAWS Fire Weather Stations

Stationary and portable RAWS-compliant weather stations with radio telemetry.

Calculators and Unit Converters

Unit conversions and calculators commonly used in meteorology and hydrology applications.

unit converters

Unit Converters

Unit converters for temperature, distance, volume, flow rate, pressure, speed, and solar radiation.

climate calculators


Calculators for weather and water applications, including dew point, wet bulb, altitude-pressure, and more.