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Water Temperature Sensors

We have a wide variety of submersible water temperature sensors, which function underwater or in air. Below are a few of our more popular solutions.

HOBO pendant temperature loggerHOBO Pendant Loggers

The Pendant logger is a low-cost, weatherproof and waterproof temperature data logger that is designed for short or long-term monitoring applications. These loggers will record the temperature and allow you to download a file to your computer for further review and analysis. They communicate using USB through an infrared pendant base station (standard base station and waterproof shuttle are also compatible). There are also data shuttles that allow you to collect data in the field without a laptop.

The UA-002 models also record light intensity.

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There are a variety of models available:

hobo-pendant-temperature-alarm-data-logger-64k-ua-001-64_100 hobo-pendantsup-sup-temperature-light-data-logger-64k-ua-002-64_100 hobo-pendantsup-sup-event-data-logger-ua-003-64_100
UA-001-08 UA-001-64 UA-002-08 UA-002-64 UA-003-64
8k Memory 64k Memory 8k Memory 64k Memory 64k Memory
Temperature Temperature/Light Temp/Event
-4° to 158° F Air
-4° to 122° F Water
0-30k footcandles
1 yr battery

Onset HOBO TidBit v2 Water Temperature Data LoggerHOBO TidbiT v2

(Model: UTBI-001)

The HOBO TidbiT is a popular and very compact temperature-only data logger. It is unique because it is housed in a fully sealed epoxy case (which cannot be opened). This makes it nearly impossible for water to leak into the case. The TidbiT is waterproof to 1,000 ft (300 m), and can record temperatures between -4°F and 158°F in air. (In water the maximum sustained operating temperature is 86°F.)

The TidbiT requires an infrared base station or waterproof shuttle.

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HOBO water temp pro v2 temperature loggerHOBO Water Temp Pro v2 Logger

(Model: U22-001)

The HOBO Pro V2 water temperature logger is designed for durable underwater temperature monitoring and recording. Features include: 12-bit resolution, rugged case design and non-volatile EEPROM memory. A protective boot is available for added protection in extremely rugged environments.

These loggers require an infrared base station or waterproof shuttle. The loggers are water proof to 120 meters (400 feet).

  • Temperature Range (water): -40° to 122° F in Water
  • Temperature Range (air): -40° to 158° in Air
  • Accuracy: 0.38° F from 32° to 122° F
  • Memory Size: 42,000 Measurements
  • Battery: 6 year typical life
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HOBO U12 deep ocean temperature loggerHOBO U12 Deep Ocean Temperature Logger

(Model: U12-015-03)

The HOBO U12 Deep Ocean temperature data logger is designed to track water temperatures in the most extreme ocean enviornments. Built with a virtually indestructible Titanium housing, the logger can withstand corrosive water and exposure to extreme temperature and pressure at depths of up to 11,000 meters (36,000 feet).

Data is read via a direct USB connection and requires HOBOware Pro software. (A USB data shuttle is also available).

  • Maximum Depth: 11,000m (36,080 ft)
  • Temperature Range: -40° to 125° C (-40° to 257° F)
  • Accuracy: 0.38° F from 32° to 122° F
  • Memory Size: 42,000 Measurements
  • Battery: 6 year typical life
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