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Portable Water Samplers

We offer portable automatic water samplers for storm water, waste water, or other water-quality applications. These samplers use external vacuum pumps to draw water through intake tubing, instead of the traditional peristaltic pumps that induce flow by squeezing flexible tubing. Advantages of the vacuum pump method include faster sampling rates, better vertical lifts, longer sampling distances, and less maintenance. Because the vacuum method disturbs the water samples less, they better represent the original water solution, especially if the solution has high concentrations of suspended solids.

These automatic water samplers, made by Campbell Scientific, include a controller that can accept a pulse input (e.g., rain gauge), a 4 to 20 mA signal (e.g. flow meter), or initiate a sample on a timed basis. The samplers can also be interfaced with Campbell Scientific dataloggers. CSI dataloggers can measure nearly any turbidity, water level, or hydrometeorological sensor, as well as control the sampler based on time, event, or measured conditions.

PVS5120C Composite and PVS5120D Discrete Samplers

The PVS5120C/D is a deluxe portable, battery-operated water sampler that deposits its water samples into one container or into a number of discrete bottles. This series of Sampler can have a standard or large pump. The small pump can lift as high as the large pump and should be used for most applications, especially when power usage is a concern. The large pump will provide higher pumping velocity for long intake hoses and high vertical lifts.  The sampler uses a vacuum sampler controller, the VSC100. This sampler controller allows a Modbus RTU Master, an SDI-12 master device, a simple pulse input , or a CSI PakBus data logger to control and communicate with the water sampler.

 PSV5120D SamplerBenefits and Features

  • Vacuum technology benefits over peristaltic pump samplers:
    • Accurate sample volumes
    • Rapid transport velocities mean more-representative samples
    • Less disturbance of sample
    • Minimal wear on the tubing, resulting in less-frequent maintenance
    • Reduced cross-sample contamination (PVS5120D)
    • Side handles for easy lifting (increases diameter)
    • Handcart available for easy transport
    • Stainless-steel suspension harness offered for sampling in sewer systems
    • Interfaces with Campbell Scientific dataloggers for more measurement and control capabilities
  • Diagnostic Feedback provided to the master device: bottle number, sample number, response code/message, sampler battery voltage
  • The installation of a bottle position encoder enables verification of arm position before sampling and then moving the arm if it is not centered above the correct bottle
  • Multiple bottle configurations possible: 1,2,3,4,6,8,12,24
  • Auto deploy that automatically sets the purge and vacuum times based on hose length
  • Repeatable volume collection via metering chamber
  • Selectable internal or external power via three-way power switch
  • One control cable for all control types
  • An optional water present sensor detects the presence of water at the mouth of the intact hose to ensure a sample is available
PVS5120 Brochure