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Municipal & Industrial

We have over 23 years of experience selling, supporting and installing municipal and industrial monitoring and control systems. We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss your monitoring needs, contact us at your convenience.

We specialize in helping water users to measure, record and control the water that they have responsibility over. Our systems are rugged and reliable. We offer free consultation on how our systems might fit your project requirements. We also offer radio path surveys and would be happy to consult with your engineers on designing a system to meet your needs.

SCADA, PLCs, & Dataloggers

We can install fully automated monitoring and control systems for municipal, industrial, agricultural, and many other applications. These are known as SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems. A SCADA systems can allow you to remotely monitor live data from tanks, reservoirs, pumps, control valves, and scales, and then automatically or manually (remotely) adjust pumps, valves, gates, or other systems.

SCADA systems vary widely in size and complexity, but they consist of at least one or more sensors, a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), and something to control, such as a pump, gate, or valve. Many systems also incorporate remote communications and internet-enabled control and monitoring software. Visit the links below, or call us at (435) 755-0774 to learn more.

SCADA system

SCADA Systems

Overview of SCADA automated control systems, their applications, components, software, and communications capabilities.



Campbell Scientific PLCs and Dataloggers used for SCADA, hydrology, weather stations, and other systems.



Software for weather stations, hydrology monitoring stations, agriculture, SCADA systems, and other software ranging from mobile phone apps to server applications.

There are many sensors and systems available for measuring flow rate through a pipe or open channel. These can be used to monitor reservoir or tank refilling or discharge, storm water or waste water flow. These can be combined with a SCADA automated control system. Click the links below or call us to learn more.

RAWS portable weather station

Pressurized Flow Sensors

Magmeters and Doppler flow meters for measuring flow rate in closed pipelines. These have no moving parts and are easy to install and maintain.

Cutthroat flume

Flumes & Weirs

A variety of flumes (ramp, cutthroat, Parshall, etc.), and weirs, as well as sensors, stilling wells, and monitoring systems.

Greyline Area Velocity Flow Meter

Open Channel Flow Sensors

Flow probes and area velocity meters. In some applications these can be used to measure flow rate in place of a flume or weir.

We sell and support water level sensors for a wide variety of applications, including reservoirs, tanks, ground water, and also flume or weir monitoring. Choose your application below to learn more. We also have SCADA systems to automatically monitor and refill storage tanks when the water level is low.

Shaft Encoder Float and Pulley

Lakes, Reservoirs, & Tanks

Sensors appropriate for monitoring water levels in lakes, reservoirs, or tanks.


Ground Water

Sensors appropriate for measurement of ground water level.

CS470 bubbler sensor

Waste Water

Sensors appropriate for measuring level in waste water applications.

We offer systems for unattended, long-term monitoring of water quality that provide unmatched versatility and reliability. Our systems measure water quality in many municipal and industrial environments including water and wastewater treatment plants, landfills, processing plants, and more. Key components of our systems include dataloggers, sensors, and communications peripherals, which are customized for each application. Alert and warning systems can be triggered when certain conditions are met.

Multiparameter Water Quality Sensors

OTT Hydrolab Multi-Parameter

Sensors for measuring temperature, depth, conductivity, salinity, conductance, pH, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, chloride, dissolved gas, and more.

OBS turbidity sensors

OBS Turbidity Sensors

Turbidity Sensors measure suspended solids in water and water clarity.

Portable Automated Water Sampler

Portable Automated Water Samplers

Automatic water samplers for storm water, waste water, or other water quality applications.