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Campbell Scientific Software

Software has become an important part of the data collection and control system industry over the last few years. With the increased use of the Internet and the convenience of sharing data over networks there have been very useful advances in the software that we sell and support.

You can select from the software options listed here or contact us for assistance on choosing the best software to meet your needs. All the software packages below are designed to work with the Campbell Scientific datalogging devices, this software is not designed to work with other dataloggers or data collection systems.

Publish Data to the Web or view real-time data on a PC.

Get your data into a Database.

PC200W Starter Software


download pc200wDownload PC200W

PC200W is a free starter software package designed for first-time users or users with simple data communication needs; it provides basic tools (clock set, program download, monitor data, retrieve data, etc.). PC200W supports direct connections between a PC and datalogger (no telecommunications or scheduled data-collection support).

After a program is created with our Short Cut Program Generator (included), PC200W is typically used to download the program to the datalogger.

PC200W Benefits:

  • Provides basic tools (clock set, program download, monitor measurements, retrieve data, terminal emulation, etc.)
  • Compatible with most Campbell Scientific dataloggers
  • Communicates with mixed-array, table, and PakBus® datalogger operating systems
  • Can be downloaded free of charge (see Downloads link on the Support tab)

PC400 Starter Software


PC400 is Campbell Scientific's mid-level datalogger support software. This versatile software supports a variety of telecommunication options, manual data collection, and data display. PC400 includes an easy-to-use program generator (Short Cut) as well as full-featured program editors (CRBasic, Edlog).

PC400 does not support combined communication options (e.g., phone-to-RF), PakBus® routing, or scheduled data collection; LoggerNet software is recommended for applications that require those capabilities.

PC400 Benefits:

  • EZSetup Wizard for easier station setup
  • Support for our CR200-series, CR510, CR800/850, CR10, CR10X, CR1000, 21X, CR23X, CR7, CR3000, CR5000, CR9000, and CR9000X dataloggers with mixed-array, table-data, or PakBus® datalogger operating systems
  • ShortCut, Edlog, and CRBasic programming tools used to create/edit datalogger programs that measure sensors and control SDM devices, multiplexers, and relays
    Data retrieval via direct connect, phone modems, Ethernet, radios (UHF, VHF or spread spectrum), or multidrop modems
  • Real-time or historic data displays
  • Time-series graphs for unlimited elements from a data file
  • Troubleshooting tools (terminal emulator and communications log)
  • Device Configuration Utility for setting up Campbell Scientific hardware

LoggerNet Software


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Updates and patches to LoggerNet software
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LoggerNet is our main datalogger support software package. It supports programming, communication, and data retrieval between dataloggers and a PC.

LoggerNet consists of a server application and several client applications integrated into a single product. It can support connection to a single datalogger, but is especially adept in applications that require telecommunications or scheduled data retrieval used in large datalogger networks.

Version 4 is our recent major upgrade to LoggerNet that features a new tool for designing and configuring PakBus® networks, a more powerful file viewer, an upgrade to RTMC, a redesigned toolbar, and many updates to existing clients. Learn more about the upgrade in the brochure and manual linked at right.

LoggerNet Benefits:

  • Creates custom datalogger programs using Edlog or CRBasic
  • Displays or graphs real-time or historic data
  • Builds custom display screens to view data or control flags/ports
  • Retrieves data using any of our telecommunication options
  • Processes data files using Split
  • Saves data in formats (including CSV and XML) that can be imported into third-party analysis packages

Software for Mobile Devices

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iPad, iPhone and Android Apps

LoggerLink Information
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loggernet mobile connect

LoggerNet Mobile Connect Information

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Mobile Apps

LoggerLink Mobile Apps are simple yet powerful tools that allow an iOS or Android device to communicate with IP-enabled dataloggers (CR200X, CR800, CR850, CR1000, CR3000, CR6), via an IP device (NL115, NL116, NL120, NL121, NL201, NL240, Raven XTV, Raven XTG, LS200G). The apps support field maintenance tasks such as viewing and collecting data, setting the clock, and downloading programs.

loggerlink app


LoggerLink mobile apps are free through the Apple Store or Google Play.




LoggerNet Mobile Connect is a powerful tool that allows communication with any station in your LoggerNet network using an iOS or Android device. It gives you access to the LoggerNet Server anywhere your mobile device has a data connection.


loggernet mobile connect

LoggerNet Mobile Connect Mobile Apps are free and available through the Apple Store or Google Play.


Graphical & Web Data Software

RTMC Pro Software


RTMC Pro (Real-Time Monitoring and Control) software is used to create and run graphical screens that provide real-time monitor and control capabilities. This separately-purchased product is an enhanced version of the RTMC client included with LoggerNet and RTDAQ. RTMC Pro contains more of the graphical components found in RTMC. For example, more alarms, switches, graphs, gauges, and layout components are available.

RTMC Pro can be used as an HMI software in SCADA applications that use the Campbell Scientific dataloggers as RTU or PLC controllers. Combine it with the LoggerNet Database software to create a data backup and data display package.

RTMC Pro also makes it possible to post images to a Web site and send emails or cellular texts based upon alarms.

There are are other options for posting and viewing data on the Web.

LoggerNet Database - LNDB

loggernet databaseLNDB is a application that enables you to easily move data from a LoggerNet data cache into a database such as Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL. Then you can use industry-standard software to access and query your data for reports. LNDB also comes with QuickReports, an application that allows you to generate simple reports from an LNDB database with just a few mouse clicks.

LNDB Benefits

  • Moves data from selected LoggerNet tables into a database
  • Imports data from a data file into a database table
  • Exports data from a database table into a data file
  • Includes QuickReports application to design simple reports from an LNDB database
  • Allows you to review database data
  • Monitors the LNDB Engine

loggernet database brochure