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Intermountain Environmental, Inc. sells, installs and supports a variety of data collection and environmental monitoring systems. We offer sensors, packaged systems and custom integrated systems. We can provide professional grade weather stations for research applications and less expensive weather stations for basic environmental monitoring. We offer water monitoring systems and sensors to assist in all of your water measuring or control system projects.

We are also remote data experts and have many years of experience selling and installing telemetry systems that use cellular, radio, satellite and WIFI technologies.

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Introducing the new CR6 Measurement and Control Datalogger

CR6 dataloggerOne datalogger, countless applications.

New (U) terminals for universal inputs
Improved accuracy and resolution

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New HOBO MX1101

Temp/RH wireless datalogger

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We offer design and installation services for weather stations and water monitoring systems.

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NEW! IEI now sells Hanna Instruments products

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